Framework for Change

Our master plan for behavior change, developed with input from 150 organizational and individual partners and endorsed by our Leadership Council in August 2016.

School District Commitments

Twenty local school districts have made commitments to reducing or eliminating out-of-school suspensions for pre-k through 3rd graders and exploring alternative forms of school disciplinary practices.

2016 Progress Report

An overview of our philosophy and approach to improving child well-being in the region.

School District Data

As part of our work toward ensuring children and youth are socially and emotionally supported, we worked with partners to highlight school district data related to out-of-school suspensions.

2015 Landscape Report

A snapshot of available county-level data that illustrates some of the opportunities and challenges faced in measuring and improving child well-being.

School Suspension Reform Press Release

We helped host a regional school assembly to celebrate the progress of our public school districts to support positive social and emotional supports through practices and policy change.